Art/Crime will be premiering July 28th at Fantasia International Festival! And to celebrate, a new trailer for you!

To celebrate the good news, here’s a more visceral trailer for the documentary Art/Crime! Hopefully it will grasp the attention of those who aren’t informed of Remy Couture’s case. This one is fully in English and will probably get a 18+ warning by Youtube in the next few days.

Art/Crime will premiere at Fantasia Film Festival July 28th, here is our media release!

A documentary about violence, horror, censorship and legislation on the Web.

In 2009, Rémy Couture, special effects makeup artist was arrested by SPVM right in front of his home and would later be  charged with obscenity and corruption of morality. Montreal’s Police was responding to a complaint regarding pictures coming from his website which had been freely circulating on the Web.

ART/CRIME discusses violence, fiction, and censorship in movies but also in the loosely regulated environment that the Web still represents. The documentary allows many, like movie directors Nacho Cerdà, Robert Morin and Patrick Senécal as well as former politician Mario Dumont to present their thoughts on the matter.

ART/CRIME the emergency to tell a story…

The movie was directed by Frédérick Maheux, artist from the experimental scene. It was produced over a few months, without any public or private funding, for the purpose of collecting a variety of points of view on the questions arising from L’affaire Rémy Couture. Is the Web becoming the theatre of real violence pushing aside fiction? Whether we like Remy Couture’s form of expression or not, was the legal system the place to set that debate? Mobilization of the cinema industry as well as the media’s interest shows that if some worry about freedom of speech others are just really disturbed to see the resources our legal system has spent to examine the case of a small artist-entrepreneur.  This movie gives an opportunity to movie directors, SPVM’s spokesperson, models, lawyers and scholars to reflect on these questions.

Following ART/CRIME…

Next fall, two years after his initial arrest, Rémy Couture will finally have his trial. The outcome of his legal journey may have impact on the work and freedom of speech of many artists.

In Montreal…

July 28 th, at 7 pm, ART/CRIME will be premiering at Fantasia International Film Festival, after the movie a vernissage of Rémy Couture’s work will be taking place at Les Foufounes Électriques. The money raised by selling the art pieces will go towards  to paying Remy Couture’s legal fees.

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